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EU to hold public consultations on relaxing Chinese trade ba

writer:everlucky time:2016-05-17 16:30

  Feb.14--IN response to China's demand to be granted "market economy status" (MES) in December - 15 years after joining the World Trade Organisation - the European Union plans to hold public consultations in the coming months to gather the opinions of industry and trade unions on whether to relax trade barriers.

  If China receives MES in December it would become far harder for Europe to impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese goods sold at knock-down prices, changing the criteria for determining a fair price, reported Reuters.

  The European Commission, which must come up with a proposal, has said it will talk with partners, notably the United States, who must also determine their stance, and contact "stakeholders" before returning to the issue in July.

  "Stakeholders are industry and trade unions. These are the people we will try to reach out to in a more systematic way this spring with public consultations," EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom told a news conference after meeting trade ministers from the EU's 28 members in Amsterdam.

  Ms Malmstrom, who has discussed the issue with the European Parliament, said it was important to understand that the key question was not whether China was operating as a market economy it was not, she said, but whether to change the way the EU handles trade complaints against it.

  She also said that any acceptance of Beijing's demands would need to be accompanied by measures to retain a defence against Chinese overproduction and excessively cheap exports.