Tianjin Tongrui International Freight Forwarding Co. Ltd.
We are major in cargo transportation from China to Middle East, five countries of Central Asia, CIS countries and Eastern European countries. We can provide complete logistics solutions.

We do the business that transport from Chinese ports to BANDAR, ABBAS, KARACHI, POTI and some other ports and then transfer to Central Asia, the CIS countries and some Eastern European countries by road and rail.

We ship to the ports of MOMBASA, DAR ES SALAAM and then transport to East Africa, West Africa and some inner land countries and inland ports. Our company has the incomparable superiority in the sea and rail multimodal transportation, sea and road multimodal transportation, CIS and Africa. As a world freight and integrated logistics provider, we are committed to providing quality service for customers.

We operate the import and export cargo carrier and transfer to the mainland via railway FCL, vehicles and LTL transportation. We also provide the integrated transportation service of railway.

Advantages: temporary import cargo logistics & project logistics
(一)Temporary import cargo logistics
Temporary import cargo: import from a country and with in a period of time then export from the country with the original state, including the exhibits, samples, professional equipment for testing or shooting. This kind of goods has the following characteristics (1) Goods stay the same. (2) Commercial value of the goods doesn’t change. (3) The ownership of the goods doesn’t change. (4) Do many times for customs declaration. (5) The duration of the goods is limited. (6) The goods need to be guaranteed.

Formalities for the temporary import cargo
Any country allows the situation of temporary import goods. Usually this kind of goods imported won’t be excess more than twelve months. There are three ways of temporary import formalities:

1) Pay the deposit to the customs
Applicant need to pay the deposit to the customs of importer country when handle the formalities of temporary import goods (amount equivalent to the sum of import duties and other taxes). Usually, applicant will pay 20%-30% of the value in Europe and 50% in Australia. After exporting, importer customs will refund the deposit to the applicant with a certain period of time. (The deposit is refunded after the exporting in 2-6 months and will be repaid in local currency.)

2) Apply for the temporary guarantee
When the applicant handles the formalities of the temporary import, they can provide security as the importer customs requirement and apply for temporary import guarantee.

3) ATA document
ATA document is a customs handbook and guarantee file which accepted in the world, 65 countries and regions. ATA document can avoid the deposit and temporary guarantee. The applicant can use the unified file give pre-arranged to handle the customs formalities.
ATA document shall be valid for one year at most. It can’t be extended but if you can’t complete within the period of validity, you can renewal the document.

Service advantage
EVERLUCKY has rich experience in temporary imported cargo and expert operation skills, excellent agent resources overseas and advanced information technology which ensure your temporary import goods safely.

(二)Project logistics
Project logistics includes big cargo project logistics engineering logistics and so on. Different project is different in operation technology organization and some others. Project logistics has its particularity in management and operation process, which need to work on innovative consciousness. Project logistics has the following characteristics: (1) It serves for the project and ends with the completed project. (2) It is one-time activity and no repetitive. (3) It is special logistics and often need special vehicles and utility methods.

Service advantage
EVERLUCKY owns professional operation experience of many years. We provide personalized and professional project logistics solution with integrating logistics resources optimization operation and reduce cost. We also can provide one-package service including door to door booking packaging warehousing customs clearing insurance equipment installation and consulting. Especially in the field of engineering machinery vehicle oil equipment and hydroelectric project logistics we have professional advantage.