Tianjin Tongrui International Freight Forwarding Co. Ltd.
We audit all kinds of customs clearance documents before arriving the ports, track the ship dynamic, change orders timely, customs declaration, inspect declaration, tax, speedy customs clearance efficiency and send the cargo to the door. We ensure the whole transport links smoothly, feedback information to customers, reduce customers’ cost and satisfy customers’ service that door to door.

You can enjoy high quality service and cheaper price both the import trade and private goods and returned goods.

Such as: wood import food import chemicals import and machinery import

(一)Wood import
We operate wood importing customs clearance from southeast Asia/Asia/Africa/South America/North America/Europe and other places. We provide one-package service such as import sea freight, D/O, inspection, customs clearance, fumigation inspection and quarantine, sanitary process, customs tax and delivery to the door. At present we also operate many kinds of timber species, such as: box wood, Brazilian pine, ebony, Beech and so on.

Import process
1. Ship to the port of destination from the foreign, Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalian
2. D/O and import inspection
3. Customs clearance
4. Examination, pay taxes, check, release, disinfection
5. Delivery to the factory

Chinese name, Latin name, Certificate of Origin, Phytosanitary Certificate, Certificate of fumigation, Weight Note, Packing List, Invoice, Trading contract, B/L

Operation advantage
1. We are familiar with the import price of wood/panel from South America, Africa and the North Africa.
2. Review the validity of the Phytosanitary Certificate, Certificate of fumigation, packing list and trading contract.
3. Provide customers with disinfection fumigation and quarantine quickly as according of the request.
4. Save dock fee, rental, delete and the others fee, delivery conveniently and fast.

(二)Food import
At present we import many kinds of food, such as baby products crawling mat besides daily snacks biscuit, red wine etc. The importing process of food is as following: whether the food is permitted to importing China or not, record for shipper and consignee, check documents (The Certificate of Origin Sanitary Certificate label and so on), D/O, pre-record for customs, commodity inspection, pay taxes and fees, customs inspection or release, label rectification, sample, delivery, health certificates issued by commodity inspection bureau.

1. The Certificate of Origin
2. Sample of product label (food products and raw material are not required)
3. Translation to Chinese for label content
4. The export inspection and quarantine documents and the others such as contract, packing list, invoice, declaration and B/L
CIQ certificate issued by the inspection and quarantine bureau after half a month and with the CIQ can enter the domestic market. Foodstuffs need to be inspected and so it needs to be customs clearance after inspection. It is different from illegal inspection goods.

Documents for application of Chinese trademark registered
1. Record form
2. Sample of label in English (1 set) and the Chinese translation paper
3. Chinese label printed (3 copies)
According to the current requirement, the foreign language sign in the positive of original label retained must sign Chinese in the Chinese label and the Chinese goods font must bigger than the foreign’. The sample must be the same as the origin and can be color printed.
4. Copies of business license (stamped)
5. The original of the Certificate of Origin
6. Origin of the wine production process or MSDS and the corporate seal or the signature of the person in charge
The commodity inspection bureau will grant a ratification of registered trademark if pass the examination after completing the above materials. One wine has one brand. If you need to apply another brand for the other, you need another name and no repeated.

Process for inspection
1. Import goods declaration form
2. Proxy of inspection declaration, contract, invoice, packing list, B/L
3. Copy of the Certificate of Origin
4. Origin of the Health of License
5. Origin of the wine production process or MSDS and the corporate seal or the signature of the person in charge
6. The quality guarantee issued by the enterprise

1. When you do customs declaration for alcohol, you need to provide the following information: brand, grade, year, grape variety, volume/bottle and region. Such as: spring/castle red wine, brand: RIVIERE, level: AOC, cabernet sauvignon, 750ml/bottle, region: Bordeaux, in 2004
2. The import tax rates for red wine
Now, the current tax rate for imported bottled wine (22042100) includes the following: 1) import tariffs: 14% (equal to CIF*14%); 2) value-added tax: 17% (equal to (CIF and tariffs)*17%); 3) consumption tax: 10% (equal to [(CIF and tariffs)/ (1~10%)]*10%). All the tax must be paid in RMB.

(三)Chemicals import
EVERLUCKY has engaged in the chemicals importing for many years and familiar with the customs clearance process for chemicals. We have rich operation experience for many kinds of chemicals. We will first classify the HS CODE before chemicals importing, that is to say providing the MSDS and HS CODE, definitude the specific tariffs and regulatory conditions.

Documents for import customs
1. Notice of arrival
2. B/L
3. Trade contract
4. Proxy of customs declaration and inspection
5. Commercial invoice and packing list

Service advantage
Chemicals importing advantages are professional, fast, safe, considerate and cheap.

(四)Machinery import
EVERLUCKY has rich experience of many years for normal machinery and which is also a core advantage of ours, expert operations and familiar with the process of machinery importing and points for attention.

1. Invoice
2. Packing list
3. Commercial contract
4. B/L
5. Photo of machinery
6. Proxy of customs and inspection
7. Blank notes for five

Documents ( whether or not needed determined by items and species of business)
1. The Certificate of Origin
2. The Automatic Import License

Service advantage
1. Quickly speed for import customs clearance and ability for equipment
2. Completely qualifications for import and export of agents, provide one-package service for air freight sea freight and express of machinery
3. Rich experience of import and export for machinery, good word of mouth, long-term cooperation with domestic large enterprises
4. Reasonable price, perfect service
5. One package service including customs clearance, shipping, logistics and foreign exchange
6. Stable and mature business operation and service team, professional management team for importing and exporting

Besides, EVERLUCKY is also good at importing of baby products personnel goods and crafts.

EVERLUCKY is a profession importer. Profession produces high quality service.