Tianjin Tongrui International Freight Forwarding Co. Ltd.
EVERLUCKY undertake the air freight cargo from Shanghai Tianjin and Beijing to the world’s, undertake booking charter and door to door services. We have signed cooperation agreements with more than 30 airplanes such as Cathay Pacific Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Singapore Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Air China, Lufthansa, British Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Thai Airlines and other airlines in Beijing Tianjin and Shanghai, which can ensure the customers’ booking in peak season with lowest fees, to reduce the customers’ transportation costs.

EVERLUCKY owns a batch of professionals familiar with the process of airport operation and the concept of modern logistics, has advanced information system for daily work at the same time, which laid a solid foundation for us service for our customers. Especially in the import and export customs clearance area, our promise customs declarers provide convenient fast and accurate declaration service with expert customs professional knowledge. Our field operation team is trained with rich experience and high degree of professionalism to ensure the accuracy and security of the cargo, especially equipment precision instruments and the other high-tech product transportation services all our core advantage.

EVERLUCKY also has customs supervision warehouse in the airport, equipped with high-quality professional services personnel, facilitate the storage of goods and facilitate the picking up goods. We established good cooperation relationship with customs transportation inspection departments and other institutions. We also established widely business network with international trade and shipping industry to provide superior freight services and conditions for the domestic and foreign owners.

Business scope
Booking: according to the customers’ requirements, determine the time and space flight

Delivery: send the vehicle to the designated warehouse and pick up the goods

Storage: provide warehouse and arrange cargo storage

Export customs declaration/inspection: provide customs declaration and inspection services

Foreign clearance: provide clearance services in foreign airport for customers

Delivery to the door: after customs clearing, send the goods to the designated place by customer and provide DDU/DDP service

Advantage recommended
1) Route advantage
Southeast Asia/Australia line: BR、CA、CZ、FM、GA、KE、MH、SQ、MU、BI、NX、NZ、PR、QF、TG、UO、5X、ZH、AI、VN、9W

The Middle East/Southeast Asia/Africa: EK、EY、ZP、MU、SU、PR、CA、UW、CX、QR、MH、CZ、SV、TG、TK、BI、SQ、AI、GA、BA、HU、9W、W5、ZH、ET



2) Services advantage
Professional customs declaration and inspection service

Competitive service prices

Strong ground operation capability and rich experience in handling for special cargo

Own export warehouse, provide one package service

Signed with more than 10 airlines and provide customer stability service to maximized in peak season

Cargo 2012 information platform, providing real-time shipment status

Cargo operations meet full quality control of ISO9001 certification system

3) Value added advantage

Chemical Agent Identification/magnetic identification/wood packaging fumigation

Document management/trade management

Chemicals/valuables operations

Photographed damaged goods, notification and assistance process

Transportation insurance for various types of cargo

Cargo tracking services under abnormal conditions

Cargo checking services under abnormal conditions